Saturday, April 18, 2009

Late Night Insanity as A Blanket of Scotch Settles Over Me

More You Tube Classics here on Tripping to The Oldies....Crank It UP and take that any way you want to as we sit here 20 Leagues Under The Sea.........


Yellow Submarine, Pepperland The Beatles

Beatles-Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds

Tribute To Blue Meanies

Nowhere Man

Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence

Saturday Night Flashback Five...Tripping Into Eternity Rainbow Blues

Guys and Gals, hempsters the world over, welcome to the Green Smokers Lounge Saturday Night Flashback Back as the one and only Bud Hasherdashery lights up and trips out compliments of the folks over at You Tube! Anyone got some Boonesfarm Strawberry wine...any one out there remember TJ Swan's...Quaaludes and some 985's...brain salad surgery anyone? Enjoy the tunes.

King Crimson

Uriah Heep

Canned Heat

Country Joe McDonald

Vanilla Fudge

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The World's Longest PERFECT BOOK TITLE

The PERFECT TITLE For a Boomer Hippy's Autobiographical Take On Today's World Events...or stoned on Tuesday Night.

The Great Obama red light, green light, tripping on acid as bombs drop in desert sands, its a fucking revolution, all you got to do is hope, can I have a praise Jesus and Hallucinating Hallelujah as I watch rainbows bouncing off the wings of dancing horses in the sky as the whole great medical marijuana, secure our borders from the demon spawn Drug Lords who have declared war as Nancy Pelosi sings the praises of Amnesty center stage from the podium of the House floor thank you JESUS and Jeremiah Wright we have a perfect storm political debate going on as Bo pees on the kitchen floor of the White House, and please don't take away my Second Amendment Pro Choice, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, supporting gay marriage rights when our Economy is crashing, there ain't going to be no more Chevrolet, and Grandpa drove a Cadillac, and so do I, but what about poor Billy, he's only 12 years old, and by the way lets not forget about those entitlements (Social Security and Medicare), Global Warming, and by the way Hillary, what should we do with those 79 Million Boomer's standing outside in the rain.

I Am A Day Tripper and Night Time Dreamer

The Green Smokers Lounge is open for business...kick back with the one and only Bud Hasherdashery as we enjoy some of my own favorite Beatles momeents compliments of YouTube. Say hello in the comments section, share some whimisical words of peace and love.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Thoughts=One Year To The Day

There is life after cancer...the picture is part of the picnic basket I put together for my wife's 53 ya babes!

Happy wife and I have made it through one of the more difficult years of marriage, if not our collective lives. Last year, late February my wife went in for her yearly Mammogram (if any women are reading this, PLEASE get your yearly breast exam...if not for yourselves, for those that you love). The next day we got that call no one wants to hear..."nothing to worry about, but we think we might have seen a little something and could you come in for a second test?"

Imagine getting this call, then having them schedule the appointment for a week later. You might have breast cancer, but try not to think about it, and we'll see you next week. Imagine how bad it is going to get if President Obama is successful in pushing Socialized Medicine through the Congress. Life and medicine is what it is, and the hospital was not really concerned about our pins and needles.

Week goes by and we go in for her Mammogram...already life has changed, men just don't go with their wives when they get their Mammograms. They want to be left alone after having their boobs smashed and pressed into sandwich meat. Mammogram day usually calls for a trip to Border's Books afterward, the reading of a magazine at Starbucks, maybe even some shopping at the mall. You are not allowed to go in with your wife, not allowed to hold her hand. Instead you sit in the waiting room of the X Ray department at the local hospital feeling like little worry germs are crawling all over your skin. At what they charge you, cannot waiting rooms afford some DECENT and recent magazines from which we can chose from.

After almost two hours of waiting a nurse practitioner comes out with my wife and tells the two of us too go home and rest, that they'll be in touch after a radiologist takes a look at everything. I was not HAPPY..."Excuse me, just when is this radiologist going to LOOK AT EVERYTHING, my wife might have cancer?"

"Normally, we get back to you within 48 hours"

I wanted to smack that smirk right off the nurse's face...HELLO, this is NOT Jeopardy. My wife was getting one of THOSE LOOKS, so I kept quiet as we left the building.

Holding my wife's hand we headed towards the car when she said, "Honey I'm scared."

You have to be strong, you're her rock, she's counting on you to be strong so you push back the tears trying to well out; taking her into your arms you lie and say, "It's probably nothing, we are going to be fine, now I don't want you worrying about this."

Another phone call, "We'd like to do a biopsy."

They say it so FUCKING CASUALLY.

Let me tell you something, big boys do cry. Usually not in front of people, even our wives, but we do cry. This is not funny any more, this is getting serious...they are wanting to cut open my wife, my Sweet Pea.

If you think they squeezed my wife right in, you would be wrong. It's like, "hurry up and wait", as if I was suddenly back in the Navy again standing online waiting for orders. It was going to be like two weeks before they did the biopsy.

I am freaking out, but all on the inside, because if you think I am freaking out, you need to see my wife. First, lets have some background information.

We have no kids, not because we didn't want them, it just was not in the cards for us. Wife has had serious FEMALE issues her whole life. She went through the whole invitro thing, could give you a whole litany of the misery she went through trying to get almost that she miscarried. Now over lay this with some serious endometriosis, and top it off with fibromyalgia. Toss in a few other health issues on top of that for garnish, and think you get the picture...or most of it.

Now, every cake has to have frosting. My wife's mother died early (age 53), diagnosed with cancer at 52. Sure the light bulb just went off for many of you. Here is my beautiful wife facing MAYBE CANCER at the exact age her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Let's just say that carryout quickly became our nightly routine as neither of us really felt like eating, let alone cooking.

Two biopsies and a Ultrasound later we had the diagnosis...why wife had breast cancer. The good news, "We had caught it early, stage zero." They scheduled us in for surgery in early April, then reschedule for April Anniversary.

There's the initial healing after her surgery. (She had a partial lumpectomy on one breast.) Think two months. During that time, there are way too many doctors appointments. Then comes radiation treatments. For those that have never been through this, imagine yourselves sitting there in the office at Sloan Kettering having everything explained to you, trying to be strong when you suddenly hear the doctor say, "Once we have everything figured out, have marked out our points of entry with a marker we'll tattoo you.)


We were lucky, my wife did not require chemo, only radiation. Five weeks... each and every day for five days, Saturday and Sunday used for her recuperation as radiation exhausts you. They originally wanted to stretch it out to six weeks, but because of her fibromyalgia, they pushed it all into five weeks instead.

During all the poking, prodding and and testing, they determined my wife had some serious fibroid attached to one of her ovary, and she was estrogen dominant. Translated for simplicity. She was scheduled in for surgery this past December to have ALL HER WOMAN PARTS OUT. Another anniversary to look forward to, her official one year into menopause milestone. The fibroid turned out to be a knotted ball of pain the size of a grapefruit, and they took literally everything including her uterus during the surgery which took hours.

Been quite the year, and our fun is still not over. My wife still has her fibromyalgia and endometriosis with all that entails including the pain. We have to get her a Mammogram every six months for the rest of her life, and are marking the days on the calendar as we shoot for that big Blue Ribbon known as cancer free for five years.

It's this Reader's Digest saga that has seen me weigh in on the Medical Marijuana debate. My wife is one of those straight as an arrow, play by the rules goody two shoes. She sometimes thinks about being naughty, but toes the red letter of the law even when it hurts. Could marijuana help her with her pain, that pain that is with her 24/7, 365 days of the year? I think it could, and she's prone to agree with me. However, neither of us will ever know if the Federal Government does not legalize Medical Marijuana.

I'd like to see every member of Congress who opposes Medical Marijuana to spend say 48 hours sitting in the lounge of Sloan Kettering's cancer wards. My wife's medical team now is all Sloan Kettering, so we had her hysterectomy done there. I sat in a large waiting room with maybe 70 other people who had loved ones in surgery. I got to know the members of three different families the day my wife was operated on who received bad news, were told their loved one was dying, had X AMOUNT OF TIME left to live. I held one crying man as he tried to figure out how he was going to tell his children.

If Medical Marijuana did nothing more than help these people escape their pain (physical, emotional and mental)for a few hours, how can you deny them that? Do they not deserve to live out their waning days in a manner that suits them without government interference, without the morality of others interfering in their last days. There is so much more, but this was enough for me to make up my own mind. It is time for us as a nation to accept the fact that Prohibition has not and will not work. It is time for us as a nation to realize the incredible contributions that hemp and cannabis have to offer humanity. Hemp Bio fuels, green hemp building materials helping to solve global warming, and cannabis research leading to new cures for old diseases. The time has come for us to Legalize Medical Marijuana, the time has come to decriminalize recreational marijuana, and unshackle commercial industrial hemp production.

Before you make up your mind to "Just Say No", do my wife a favor, and go spend a few hours in the surgical waiting room of a cancer center.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Mind Warp...Beatles, keyboards...jamin maaaaan

The clock hoovers at almost midnight, the witching hour as Friday rolls into Saturday...fuck yeah baby, ITS THE WEEKEND...great song, great reality as the Scotch settles in, my wife upstairs, sick in bed. Nothing serious, a cold...almost but not quite the flu. She's been home since Wednesday, took Thursday and Today off from work. One, 2, THREE tell me what can I do...she'll be fine come Monday. Tomorrow morning is the one year Anniversary...breast cancer changes everything. In a few hours from now it will be exactly one year to the minute that a Limousine pulled up in front of the house to take us into Sloan Kettering. Couldn't sleep that night either. Happy Anniversary Love.

Anyone have scissors?
Nothing too worry about, that is too say
Nothing to deep, nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

Partial Lumpectomy
A nip and a tuck
small dent in the bumper
my eyes, not hers

So how do you start this submarine?
one, two, three, four...five, six seven and eight
A year changes the perceptions
Lets all sing...all together now
LE GALIZE......LEGALIZE...all together now

Dead Twoets Society-A Friday Night Buzz Creation

Greetings My Green Smoking Friends, and welcome to Friday night in the lounge, your host the one and only Bud Hasherdashery who is need of some rest and that to mean two fingers of good Scotch (Balvenie DoubleWood) and a toke followed by some great classic rock tunes. As a part of the festivities, thought I would share with you one of my crazy Friday Night creations, a blog, a Twitter Movement as we all join together in a collective moment of Zen...WOW, I should write book titled, "The Zen of The Twitter" should be a short book.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome Dead Twoets Soceity, Home of Twitter Poems (Twoetry)

Welcome Friends:

We are a noble society of wordsmith's, mere mortals rearranging simple letters into words, and words into verse. We are the next generation walking in the steps of the greats like Robin Williams as we take the Dead Poets Society too its logical progression...poetry, prose written within the narrow confines of a Tweet. We are twoets hoping to find energy to create and share great twoetry.

To write poetry, one must know the canvas. The canvas here is the simple yet majestic Tweet which is created within the sacred land of the Twitter. A tweet is a group of 140 (or less) pixels shared within the microblogging community that we all know and love as Twitter. We created tweets and all was good so we became tweeters and were obsessed. Great minds tweeted great thoughts and many widgets and gadgets were breathed into life and Twitter thrived.

One day while counting syllables for a haiku searching for the mystical 17 it occurred to me that 140 was itself a number of some significance, at least to someone. If the great creative minds of Japan could have the Haiku and its 17 syllables, it is only fair and just that the netizens inhabiting the land of Twitter have their twoetry, poems and prose written within the narrow constraints of 140 characters, and so it shall be.

Knowing it was time, the Dead Poets Society began sending out Tweets to those followed, and followers alike as word spread to all corners of Twitter. The poet, the physician, the hemp farmer and global warming scientist, the Twitter Elite and the other Gods of our legend saw our tweets and began to write.

Let us rejoice and write our twoetry so that others might see our tweets and be enlightened. You; like all great heroes are called to be twoets, the chosen to bring twoetry to the land of Twitter. By the way, can someone build me a WIDGET on which all can view the Twoetry emanating from this blog?